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  • Celebrate Springtime With Bella Voce

    Our upcoming Concerts - Canceled due to Covid-19

    We are so sorry but as you are probably not surprised to learn, Bella Voce has had to cancel its spring concert due to the coronavirus isolationism that has affected all of us. We are so, so sorry that we will be unable to share our music with you. Please read Jennifer Tibben's letter to hear her more detailed message to you all. And we wish you our very best during this challenging time.

    Canceled: Saturday, May 9th, 2020 at 3:00 pm, at First United Methodist Church
    400 W. King St, Carson City
    Canceled: Sunday, May 10th, 2020 at 4:00 pm, at St. John's Presbyterian Church
    1070 Plumb Lane, Reno*
    * Usually we are at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Reno, but this spring will be at St. John's Presbyterian Church on Plumb Lane.

    We hope you will be able to join us later this year!

  • Second Annual Treble Voice Turnout!!

    Bella Voce hosted a second annual women’s choral event on Friday, October 18, gathering together treble voice (women’s) choirs from seven northern Nevada high schools for a choral festival.   The Treble Voice Turnout began in 2018 as part of Bella Voce’s commitment to its mission “to foster the appreciation, preservation, and performance of women’s choral music.”  In the first year, 150 singers participated.  This year, 240 singers participated from the Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology (AACT), Damonte Ranch, Galena, McQueen, Reed, Spanish Springs, and Virginia City high schools, as well as Bella Voce. 

    The Damonte Ranch High School theater hosted the event.  Each choir had the opportunity to share a choral piece meaningful to them, and the singing ended with a combined choir piece.  All 240 participants circled the auditorium to sing in the round, “Letter From a Girl to the World,” with music and lyrics by Andrea Ramsey.  Ramsey writes much of her music to address the hopes, fears, and dreams of young women, and this piece is a wonderful example (see below).  Written into the score is an opportunity for participants to voice their unique dreams, and representatives from each choir called out aspirations.

    Two members of Bella Voce opened and closed the event.  Molly Willoughby, a graduate of Damonte Ranch High School and current UNR student majoring in environmental sciences, provided the opening welcome.  Kimberly Li, a graduate of Galena High School and current UNR student majoring in voice and music education, closed with a reminder of singing possibilities after high school.

    We ended our time together with pizza (of course!).

    “Letter From a Girl to the World”
    Music and Lyrics by Andrea Ramsey, supplemental text from participants


    In my heart there are hopes and dreams…
    and all different beautiful things.
    In my heart there’s a sunrise glowing and a warmth that holds me there.

    And I think of God’s beauty in the world all around
    In the clouds that roll across the sky,
    In the clean smell of the rain and the colors of the fall
    And it makes, makes me happy and I wish that others saw it too.

    If you love your children are you sure they know?
    Have you said the words out loud?
    Are you list’ning with your heart when they’re sharing theirs?
    Have you given us a chance to make you proud?

    Do you know who I am?
    Do you really know?
    ‘Cause you can’t tell from looking at me
    That underneath all this happiness inside
    There’s a part of me nobody sees.

    I wonder who I am.
    I wonder who I’ll be.
    What will my life become?
    There are just so many questions inside me:
    Am I good enough?
    Am I pretty enough?
    Can I learn not to care what others think?
    Can I make a diff’rence in someone else’s life,
    And can others see God’s love in me?

    In my heart there are hopes and dreams,
    And all different beautiful things.

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